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The Finer Details

  • How do I book you for my wedding?
    Following your initial enquiry by email, I will arrange a telephone call with you so that we can have a chat and get to know each other, I will also go over one or two details ahead of booking your trial. The most important detail is your wedding date so that I can check my availability. If you would like to reserve your wedding date, you will be required to pay a booking fee of £100 which will be deducted from your final balance. Your booking with me is not confirmed until I have received this payment. Unfortunately, I am unable to hold dates due to the number of bridal bookings each year, so time really is of the essence and early reservation is important to prevent disappointment.
  • When should I book my trial?
    Usually your trial will be done around 4-6 months before your wedding day and once you have chosen your wedding gown as this can make such a difference to the style of makeup look you choose. Together we will mutually agree the best timeframe to suit your wedding date. I tend to hold trials in the early part of the year and I prefer these to be during the daytime when the best natural light is available, rather than evening appointments. Just an idea...a pinterest board has a wealth of information for me so bring that with you too!
  • How will I know what look will best suit me?
    Once we meet, we can discuss ideas based on your own facial characteristics, hair style and colour etc, as well as your style of dress and any colour theme or wedding theme you have chosen. The trial really is the best time for us to work together, creating your perfect look for your wedding day. I always say that if you have any absolute 'must'-have' makeup products, ie your favourite lip colour, then have these with you too, although I have a large kit which covers all looks, so please do not worry if you don't, I have something to suit everyone!
  • What if I'm unsure about my trial look?
    Your trial is there for us to completely perfect your look after a very thorough consultation and if you want to change or tweak an area, the trial is the time for us to do that, however, once I have left, if you are still unsure, wear the makeup for the rest of the day and keep looking at it. Then contact me straight away and we can work together to resolve any concerns you may have. Whatever happens, do not worry that you won't feel and look the way you want to on your big day, I can 100% reassure you, that you will be perfectly flawless and glowing! If you decide that you would like a second trial, this service would again be chargeable.
  • Can I book my bridal makeup without having a trial?
    Due to the nature of the work being creative, it is absolutely imperative that we do a trial so that firstly, you can feel at ease ahead of your wedding day, to make sure that you are comfortable with me and we create a bond. Timings for the wedding day are critical, so meeting a bride on the wedding day and doing her makeup for the very first time would be stressful for us both. There's too much pressure for everything to be perfect, so removing the stress of your look, is the most important factor.
  • Do bridesmaids/other guests need trials?
    In general, rarely other members of your bridal party request trials as the bride is usually forward and centre stage and knows all of the details regarding her bridal party ie hair colour, eye colour as well as the dress/outfit style and colour and chosen flower scheme too. The bride will usually go from the trial and show her makeup to those closest to her and from this, they tend to love it and be excited and look forward to having theirs done on the day too. As I have made up hundreds of women of all ages - from little girls to grandmas and everyone in-between, I have a good understanding of makeup styles and application. Again, they are more than welcome to bring any 'must have' items, perhaps a favourite lipstick, we can work with that and I will be more than happy to come up with some lovely new suggestions too! Just an idea...a pinterest board has a wealth of information for me so bring that with you.
  • What time will you arrive on the wedding morning?
    During your trial, we will go through a full consultation including the time that I arrive, based on your ceremony time/travel time and the amount of people I will make-up in your bridal party. You don't need to time everyone for the morning as I will work that out according to looks, but my bride will never be first, or last and I am very used to working alongside many hairdressers too. Never worry as I will always allow sufficient time and please feel reassured that I shan't leave until everyone is perfected, including time for any last minute re-touch after tears.
  • Do you work alone if I have a large bridal party?
    Yes, I do work alone, but once we have all the details during your trial, if I feel that I require an additional MUA, I have colleagues I can ask to work alongside me. Depending on time of arrival and the time of your wedding, I can happily, make-up more than you expect!
  • I don't want anyone to see my look before my wedding day...
    Absolutely agree!! I will never publish any of your trial looks and it is entirely up to yourself if and who you show your look to once I leave. Most brides want to get the "wow" when they reveal their entire bridal look on their special day and photographers love to capture these moments too. I will only publish images from your wedding day with your permission and you won't be tagged in these, unless you specifically ask to be.

Brides often ask the same questions, so I thought I would make this little guide to assist with your planning...

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